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The Goodrich Corporation, formerly the B.F. Goodrich Company, was an American manufacturing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in Akron, Ohio in 1870 as Goodrich, Tew & Co. by Benjamin Goodrich, the company name was changed to the "B.F. Goodrich Company" in 1880, to BFGoodrich in the 1980s, and to "Goodrich Corporation" in 2001. Originally a rubber manufacturing company known for automobile tires, the company diversified its manufacturing businesses throughout the twentieth century and sold off its tire business in 1986 to focus on its other businesses, such as aerospace and chemical manufacturing. The BFGoodrich brand name continues to be used by Michelin, who acquired the tire manufacturing business in 1988. Following the acquisition by United Technologies in 2012, Goodrich became a part of UTC Aerospace Systems.


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"Terrible place with terrible people from the company to the union. Watch out when you go to work for them. And don’t think that just because you have many years under your belt they won’t get rid of you because they will!"

Machine Operator/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful work environment. Nobody helps anyone else. People set you up for failure and work against you in teams. Swing shift is horrible makes you sick.Health insSwing shift. Everything else"

Break Relief (Current Employee) says

"Bad situations but old be better.Not enough people to stay ahead.Management has no clue .The rotating schedule causes a fatigue that never leaves your mind and body.Good payPoor treatment of employees"

Ship/Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"This company cares about nothing but money. The management are slave drivers, and this is their plantation. The union is forced upon you with threats if you refuse to join or leave. The seniority employees are paid better, have better benefits, have better retirement, and are babyed by the company, and the union. You can do the same job as Joe Blow across the way, but your contract is not anything like the one he’s grandfathered into. You will never make what he makes, while you pull the weight of your own and the others that slack off because they’ve been there for 10 years. The company is unfair in its practices. DO NOT GET SICK! You will be pointed for every day that you miss, and don’t even worry about a doctors note. They aren’t excepted. Forget about 2 weeks of EARNED vacation as well. When they shut down in the summer for a week, you’re forced to take a week. Don’t argue it, it’s already reserved when you get your vacation. If you plan to take vacation, pray to god that someone with seniority doesn’t want that same slot, you’ll lose it. I could go on and on, but if you decide to become the next idiot to work here, you’ll find out the rest on your own.Rotating scheduleMichelin and BF Goodrich should say enough if you know anything about the company."

Tire Sorter (Former Employee) says

"it was an absolute miracle that i worked there for 2 years. the sort lines are where i would send my enemies to suffer. management is a joke and the coworkers are just as bad. its slave labor hidden as a paying job."

Rms 3000 Tire Builder (Former Employee) says

"I was a tire builder their for 4 years. Management constantly has no idea what they are talking about or any idea of the work you do. They literally watch a computer screen to make sure your doing your job. They make things way more complicated than what it’s needed to be. Management there sucks. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Pay and benefits were great but you worked literally 6-7 days a week and you lived that place to make that kind of money. You work 12 hr shifts- 18 hr shifts and you sleep for 3-4 hrs and turn around and go back in and rotate shifts , swing shift once a wee. They do this they claim to give everyone else equal time off. But they really do this to see who wants it bad enough and to see if you are going to make it or not"

Engineering Liaison (Former Employee) says

"I left this job because I found the only reason I stayed was for a paycheck, and not a good one at that. The typical day consisted of learning that days constant policy changes which made working there an impossibility to keep up. This was not only a challenge for the employee in the department but for the mechanic or whoever was requiring assistance. The environment was dirty. For the first several months my lungs hurt because of all of the carbon dust that drifted through the air. This dust then would settle all over causing everything to be covered in black in a matter of a day. The over strenuous and unrealistic goals of the day also contributed to my departure. There consisted maintaining inventory, unloading trucks, receiving inventory, putting away inventory, helping employees order inventory; all at the same time. Overall, there are many more reasons why this company, specifically this position, is not recommended, but this short review should get the point across."

Quality Technician (Current Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of my job is the ability to give my employee's and customers the best the go to personheat, heavy lifting, long hors"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"You can earn decent money but the work life balance is non existent. 12 hour swing shifts make it hard to be with your family. Management is in constant rotation and are usually pulled from an area that does not pertain to the work they will be doing."

W. S. W. Millman (Current Employee) says

"The goal of the parent company is Michelin. Their goal is to oust the union labor force out of their plants. micro managed so badly that no one was able to understand the policies between the company and the union.ok moneyWont be a viable plant in the next 10 yrars."

Maintenance Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"The employees would help with the diagnostics of the machines. The employees could tell me as the mechanic where the problem was. And that makes the job alot easier."

Mixing Operator (Former Employee) says

"B F Godrich is a tire manufacture that has good job security and benefits."

Molds expert (Former Employee) says

"I work at BFGOODRICH for 41 years it is a wonderful place to work. I retire in 2018. I work the second shift. I repair tires molds install them in tires press to make tires"

Co2 Operator and forklift operator. (Former Employee) says

"They company as a hole does not provide appropriate pay for the work that is being performed. They do offer proper safety for the heat and work load on every employee's body."

Capstone logistics (Former Employee) says

"It was a great job while I worked there. I like the money I made . It keep you busy, I loved the breaks. My boss was great kept me focus and offered overtime whenever u wanted it or needed it.Good moneyHeavy work"

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"each day was filled with loads of responsibility transitioning from hourly to supervision. learned ways to schedule area to obtain more efficient productivity. the hardest part of the job was getting employees to accept change, but the most enjoyable was the end result, which was a better product flow."

Tire Builder and Temporary Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"-A typical day at work includes setting up machines, loading stock, communicating with other employees and management as well verifying stock. -I learned communication skills and how to efficiently run a machine. -Management plays a significant role in the everyday lives of the employees and strives B.F. Goodrich more efficient. -Co-workers played a vital role in working as a team and maintaining on time completion of work. - The most difficult part of the job was rotating shifts every week. - The most enjoyable part of the job, was meeting new people and establishing new relationships."

A & P mechanic (Former Employee) says

"good fbo to work. i worked with older exp. A&P MECHANIC. REALLY technical, on your own fastener R&R as req'd on job list. not pressured, time wise, just do it right was what was asked. hi-lok & riveted R&R,, BURIED IN sealant, all interior floor level. 70% exterior flush fasteners.experience, real fast, compared to new brand new!buried fasteners, in sealant, then, resealed!?"